Welcome to! For the past 3 years I’ve written on life and faith via Blogger on a blog entitled Sacramental Sightings. As I sketched some ideas of topics I’d like to explore, I needed a website with more versatility than Blogger. And it doesn’t take much to get more versatile than Blogger. So here I am with a new WordPress site, offering new pages and features to supplement conversations happening in the main Blog section. 

What’s in a name?

I chose the title for a few reasons:

  1. I’ve used the Twitter handle @knoxpriest for the past year and jumped on the empty domain of the same name when I saw it was open.

  2. I’ve lived in Knoxville for roughly two-thirds of my life. My life and faith are inevitably shaped by the relationships, land, and culture in east Tennessee. It’s where I grew up, where I’m rearing my children, and it’s the place where I serve Christ and his Church. Every blog post I’ve written has been influenced by friendships in this city. But I won’t have a heavy Knoxville emphasis in my blog. I’m writing for anyone in anyplace who is seeking to live the questions, dilemmas, and hopes in a particular place in a particular time. To quote Mumford and Sons, ‘I will learn to love these skies I’m under.’ The skies I’m under hover over Knoxville and that’s where I’m learning to seek the wisdom of God. Also below the sky in this city is a huge gold dome called the Sunsphere. Some love it, but put me on the side of those who think it’s appallingly ugly. And if they tore it down I’d miss it terribly.
  3. I’m an Anglican priest working out these same questions, hopes, and struggles of faith. Being a priest doesn’t mean I have watertight answers for every hard question. It means I have deeply held convictions about how conversations happen. It means I believe the most important conversation is with the Word of God, Jesus Christ. Many of my reflections interact directly with Scripture, but I also interact with the wise and beautiful meditations articulated by authors and poets across the ages.
  4. Holding all these things together, my hope with this site is to seek the wisdom and beauty of God in the place where Christ has placed me–Knoxville.

Quick Tour of the New Stuff

Here’s a quick rundown of the new site:

  • First off, the blog posts. If you’re new to my blog, I’ve featured some of the blog posts on the homepage that capture the main topics on which I’ve been reflecting the past few years. It’s also a good sample of the topics I’m likely to address in future posts.
  • In the top menu, you’ll see an Ask a Priest page where you can submit any question you have. You’re probably not desperate to get the perspective of a priest on most days, but I’m here if you want to float a question. I’m an Anglican priest who doesn’t get too fired up about arguments and conflicts in the worldwide Anglican Communion, but I’m pretty much game for any other conversation.
  • Also in the top menu is a Sermons page. I’ve copied the manuscripts I use when I preach at Apostles each Sunday. I’ve uploaded most sermons from 2013-2014. By clicking on the sermon title, you can download the sermon in PDF format.
  • In the On the Slant Series, I celebrate artists and writers whose way of engaging truth is a bit off-center. This monthly series will feature one work a month that trains me to see the truth of the Gospel with new eyes. February’s feature is an unforgettable painting titled “Christ in Silence”.
  • Sometimes people ask priests for book recommendations. Rarely does anyone ask a priest for music recommendations. Here are both anyway at KnoxPriest Recommends
  • In case you’re interested in Anglican worship, check out the Video section. If you’re not interested in Anglican worship at all, check out the Anglican Worship Q&A section when you’re battling insomnia and hold off on the Tylenol PM. I bet I can help. I recorded these videos back in 2011 with some pretty low-grade equipment. This is what happens when a priest gets a hold of iMovie. It might be one step above John Daker, but there also might be helpful info if you go to an Anglican church and wonder why we do what we do in the worship service.
  • Also in the Video section is a page called Visual Prayer. In the Book of Common Prayer there are numerous songs included in the Daily Office services. I made a short video that imagines a visual way of praying these beautiful songs. I hope to make a few more…once my son begins sleeping through the night.

Share the Love, Share your Thoughts

I’d be honored if you shared the site with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. I’d also love to know folk who are writing about the same topics I’m addressing. Send shares and links to me via Facebook and Twitter. I’d love to read and interact with writers and bloggers you admire.

If you want to subscribe to future posts, just register through my RSS feed or email (located in the sidebar). If you have thoughts on the site, I’d love your comments on posts and pages in the site.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my new site!

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