February: “Christ In Silence”



Odilon Redon, “Christ In Silence”

The first time I saw this painting, it arrested me. Thought suspended as I gazed deeply into the power of the silent Christ. And glorious power must have been an effect that Odilon Redon meant to convey. The gold and yellow tones surrounding Christ set against the azure background speak the power of silence and prayer within the heart of Jesus. From the center of silence–his heart communing with the Father–glory radiates the world around him. We are accustomed to a brilliant, azure sky and may even wonder at its beauty. Yet here is the in-breaking Light of God, Light made flesh. Our notions of glory and wonder are feeble compared to the glory of Christ. The sky’s beauty cannot compare with the glory of its Maker radiating divine love in silent prayer. This is the glory of the Son: he does not withhold his glory. Even in silence, he moves outward to enlighten the world with his love. 

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