Sharing Our Story: Pregnancy Loss and Love Received

Over the past few weeks, my world has been turned upside down. In my last post I shared our family’s experience of searching for a home in anticipation in the arrival of our third child. Sadly and unexpectedly, we experienced the loss of this pregnancy a little over a week ago.

10377440_924176680967532_2130826681443949990_nEmily and I are doing as well as we can be given this loss. There’s probably more writing and reflection on the loss of this
pregnancy in my future, but for now, I’m reposting a portion of our story in a piece I wrote at I write here about the gift of grace that a priest receives from his church when he cannot serve his people, but needs ministry himself. I serve a wonderful parish at Apostles Anglican Church.

Here’s a brief selection from that post:

I’m accustomed to giving care. God has called me to serve this church and her people. I’m the one who listens, speaks a word of encouragement, prays with men and women in their difficulty. I love tracing the cross on the foreheads of the wounded and weary, imposing oil that proclaims in its fragrant aroma ‘Christ is here.’ I love the opportunity to offer the Body and Blood of Christ, distributing bread and wine to our church family. I’m comfortable giving care. It’s strange to receive it. Which is strange to say, because before I became a priest, I’ve always been a human being who simply needs grace himself.

If you’d like to read the full post, you may find the article at Anglican Pastor.

Thanks for reading, and even more, thanks for your prayers for our family as we mourn this loss and receive the love of Christ.